"Teatro in times of plague"

We have our first death: someone in Villanueva (which is close; it’s on the road from San Pedro to Teguicigalpa). Villanueva is a center of maquilas; it is one of the foci of contagion.

They have increased the lockdown in the department of Yoro; apparently there are more cases in the city. Turns out the Progreso subject was on vacation in New York; he returned a fortnight ago and spent the time partying and has potentially infected a lot of people. Among his activities was major contact with TeleProgreso. The tightening of the State of Siege along with that data have made us rethink the idea of the teatro doing something together with TeleProgreso.

The tightening of the State of Siege closes everything: banks,farmacias and food stands. The police are decommissioning vehicles.

The Nike maquila is following the lead of other maquila and is dismissing 9000 workers for four months with no pay or benefits.

In the midst of all this, the Attorney General of the US has unveiled charges against the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro. They haven’t been able to dethrone him by traditional means. The general view of this from the point of view of Latin America is that this is just a tactic to distract the public from the disaster that is the government response to the crisis. And while they are at it ¿How come they don’t depose JOH, an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the trial of his brother?

16 new cases as of 6:00 pm, all in Tegus. That brings the total to 67 cases and one death.

Keep safe and wash your hands.




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