"Teatro in times of plague"

The international monetary fund is donating $143 million to Honduras. As this thing goes, that doesn’t seem to me very much. And it will all be stolen by this kleptocratic government.

In Tegucigalpa, the capital, there is the same give and take as in Washington between the medical leadership on the one hand, and the political leadership on the other. The president of the medical college is a woman, Suyapa Figueroa; she became a very public and known figure with the strikes of health personnel last year: that protest lasted almost 2 months.

Mike Dulick, who lives in Las Vegas, Victoria (in the mountains to the south of Progreso) wrote this afternoon:

In Honduras, 150 infected, 9 dead. But expecting an "avalanche." The biggest hospital in Tegucigalpa "not prepared" to handle any Coronavirus patients, including such things as respirators. This morning, a doctor in San Pedro Sula was on TV, in tears! because police and authorities are NOT enforcing the curfew, crowds everywhere. "Cobardes! Cobardes! You cowards! You're killing us!"

Panamá leads Central America in cases (over 1000). Costa Rica follows, then Honduras, then Guatemala and El Salvador; the latter has just announced its first death. Nicaragua has very few cases, but they have not tested anybody; they are ignoring the seriousness of the crisis and aren’t following any of the norms.

I don’t get the impression that people in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula are paying much attention to the stay-en-casa rule.

Seems the military hospital in Tegucigalpa has monopolized ALL of the little equipment there is in the country. Dra. Suyapa Figueroa suppests that the military hospital should be the first space laid aside for patients. I am sure the military are furious over that. She seems to be a real leader.

The evening press briefing gives new statistics: 31 new cases, for a total of 172. 1 more death for a total of 10. RIP

Keep safe and wash your hands.




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