"Teatro in times of plague"

Cases are now up to twelve: one each in Choluteca, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. I don’t understand where they are getting tests.

Seems that almost all are younger, and the hope is they will end up being relatively mild cases. There are other “suspicious” cases. Apart from one case in Tegucigalpa who was a traveler who gave it to her family, all the rest so far are people that have brought it in from outside.

Fortunately the US has put a pause in flights of deportees. The Times says that ICE is easing up for the moment.

¿Have you started your plague year reading list? I have a beaten up copy of Death in Venice, and one of Amor en los Tiempos de Cólera.

I keep feeling like we are in The Masque of the Red Death. It’s really pleasant here in the San José, the heat has not been oppressive. The colegio is completely walled in and we have plenty of open space. We’re not really partying like in the Masque, but we’re well off.

The Met is canceling its season, losing $60,000,000. Wow. I guess I can take it as a comfort that teatro la fragua won’t lose that much.

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