"Teatro in times of plague"

We awoke to the statistic that the number of confirmed cases had doubled, to twenty-four. There are close to 100 in observation. Those are figures from the morning. I am sure they have risen during the day.

The cases are centered in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, with scattered cases in Choluteca, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortés and Santa Cruz de Yojoa. Most of the cases are young and so probably relativamente mild. There are no deaths so far.

Progreso is still blockaded from the outside world; no case has appeared so far.

Nicaragua and El Salvador have both reported their first case.

The State of Siege is now in place in the whole country until next Sunday. What to do then will depend of course on what happens in the interim.

I think it is real news (one can never be sure) that the City hall is contracting with Cuba for the medicine they have that in some way can fight it. This is intensely ironic. One of the reasons behind the coup in 2009 was that the deposed president had been on the point of contracting with Cuba to buy medicines to lessen the grip of US big Pharma. Which of course the Embassy could not allow.

Our health system is a total disaster already stretched to its max by a dengue outbreak that has been going on for a few months. There are things in march to set up tents in the stadiums as the cases start to multiply.

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