"Teatro in times of plague"

Cases remain at 24, none in Progreso. We remain in full State of Siege in the whole country.

A committee of three ventured out to buy food. The supermarkets are closed, as well as the banks. But they say there were a considerable number of smaller food stands and markets functioning and people buying. But Martin (Martin García, Guatemalteco, who led the expedition) said he felt it was mostly people who were just doing their shopping and going home. I didn’t ask how they were doing it without taxis.

We have dry law (ley seca) in Progreso. I haven’t heard how that is going. I would not expect it to be widely practiced.

There are 2 cases in Guatemala, 2 in Salvador and 1 in Nicaragua. So we are leading the way.

It’s eerie how silent the city is.

I spent the day working online with Luis García of our office. Luis has been with teatro about 10 years, first as an actor, now as web designer, photographer, office manager. We’re working on moving and cleaning up our web page. We have a new url: it’s now www.teatrolafragua.org If you’re looking for what to do in quarantine, you could do worse. There is a lot of material there.

As far as I know, everyone in the teatro family is well. I hope they’re intelligent enough to be obeying the quarantine.

Stay Safe




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