"Teatro in Time of Plague – 51"

We continue with the regimen of last digits. It will be suspended for tomorrow, Independence Day – everything will be closed and there will be no circulation. The number 5 (mine with my passport) will be delayed to Wednesday. Luis has The Lorax as a podcast on Spotify.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 68, 620 cases, 2, 087 deaths.

Today is a grand holiday, Independence Day in Central América. In normal times it is a day of parades, of all the school kids in the country marching in parades. And since everyone is connected to someone in school, the whole city turns out for the parades. No parades today. Circulation is prohibited, although you can hear that that is not being enforces. The supers are doing delivery orders. Everything else is closed. I doubt many people are obeying the prohibition of circulation. The news has fallen today that a court in the US has backed Trump in his effort to cancel the TPS (temporary protection status) for immigrants. That will affect El Salvador strongly – they have about half of all the status holders, almost all refugees from the civil wars. But it includes Hondurans – I know of several. I think they got the status after Mitch. There is a flood alert out for cities and towns on the banks of the Río Ulúa, including Progreso. It hasn’t rained too much here in Progreso, but it has been raining a lot in the mountains, and all of that comes downstream.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - The official statistics page took the holiday off and hasn’t put up new figures.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 69, 660 cases, 2,102 deaths

The mayor of San Pedro Sula has tested positive.

According to La Prensa today, the mobile hospital in San Pedro Sula is finally ready to go, and will begin to function on Sunday. Let us see.

Friday, September 18, 2020

The official statistics page is giving yesterday’s numbers again. The mobile hospital in San Pedro Sula now is not going to start functioning on Sunday, as was promised yesterday. The air conditioning is installed wrong. There is a lot of opening up of the economy, and that is sure to lead to a new wave of contagion. There’s no word of the hospital in Tegucigalpa or of the five that are supposed to be on the way. In San Pedro Sula a certain number of taxis (1, 200) and buses (25) are authorized to function. Starting Monday there will be two digits per day. The actors did The Bremen Town Musicians live on Facebook. As far as I can tell got about 7000 people.

Saturday, September 19, 2020 - 70, 611 cases, 2,146 deaths.

A great adventure today. A birthday party. Chito’s granddaughter Ana Lucía (daughter of Karol) celebrated he 11th birthday. I picked up my friend Roger in Bendeck and we went on a safai to Colonia Palermo. When we arrived everything was in chaos. Karol was out buying pizzas. Erika and Katherine we putting together a balloon thing. Karol got back eventually and we had pizza. And a birthday cake of course. Ana is going to be a very big woman, I suspect – tall. This was just a family celebration, but I think all were very satisfied. It was good to breathe other airs.

Sunday, September 20, 2020


The official statistics page gives yesterday numbers still. We have another opening tonight: We’ll do Los Motivos del Lobo on Radio Progreso at 8:30 (it’s about 6:00 right now). Then repeat it tomorrow morning at 10:00, We know of a couple of school groups that will be in the audience, and I imagine there will be more. I haven’t heard the final cut and am looking forward to it.

Keep safe and wash your hands,





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