"Teatro in Time of Plague – 58

We’re still in the tail of now-Hurricane Zeta, and it’s been overcast and rainy all day. Zeta is over Yucatán and heading northeast.

My car was in the shop most of the day. Luis says they found the problem (a rotten hose). And fixed it. Let us hope. Luis recorded most of the third part of Frontera Sin Fin, but says he will have to finish off tomorrow. The mobile hospital in Tegucigalpa will be turned over to the health authorities on Friday. That’s the one that started the same time as the one in San Pedro which is now functioning. The one for Choluteca is on the way there by truck. The one for Santa Rosa de Copán is still in Puerto Cortés. The other three aren’t even mentioned.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 93 966 cases, 2, 633 deaths.

10 people have died near San Pedro Sula from drinking adulterated alcohol. The army has captured another downed coke plane. There have been 8 of those since March and the quarantine. That’s the ones that crash. Who knows how many get through. Luis and Edy recorded today. They say they still have two more scenes to go. And then a lot of editing. But they sound like it is going well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 - The official statistics page hasn’t been updated.

The mobile hospital in Choluteca has begun to be assembled. They won’t give a guess as to when it will be done. The count is up to 14 deaths from adulterated alcohol. And according to La Prensa there are various others who show symptoms. I went to the office this morning, then to the bank. There were more people than has been usual recently, and it seemed to take forever. I was doing all the set up for a payroll on Friday. Edy and Luis were recording. They seem positive about what’s going on with Frontera Sin Fin. Various people have mentioned something to the effect that cases are rising in Progreso. I don’t see that in the official statistics, but I don’t much trust the official statistics. In the afternoon I went with my lawyer friend Roger to Café Esperanza en el centro. It really is a pleasant place.

Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 95, 199 cases, 2. 652 deaths

Luis finished a first draft of the first part (there will be two) of Frontera Sin Fin. I think it sounds pretty good. Needs a bit of polish, of course, but pretty good for a first stab. The count is up to fifteen dead from adulterated alcohol. They are promising the Puente de la Democracia for next week. I will believe it when I see it, as they say. I had Mass in Pénjamo a las 5:00. I think we’re about at the limit of number of people that can safely be in the building. I hope we don’t get more in the future.

Friday, October 30, 2020 - 96, 150 cases, 2, 661 deaths.

I went to the office in the morning: payroll day. Luis and Edy were working on re-recording some elements in Frontera Sin Fin that had to be fixed. Luis says he is well along with the editing of the second part. Adalid Paz is the head of maintenance at the Colegio San José; he’s been at the job longer than I’ve been here in Honduras. He has Covid and is in the hospital; his wife also has a less severe case and remains at home. The Colegio ended its year of classes with a digital closing Mass today. They still have exams to go. I think the rest of the country is following the same schedule. It was our digit today, so Roger and I decided to have an adventure and eat out in the afternoon. Downtown was packed.

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 96, 888 cases, 2, 669 deaths.

The adulterated alcohol “guaro de la muerte” now has taken 19 lives. Tony Hernandez’ lawyer has requested another postponement of the sentencing hearing. For those who have lost the thread, Tony is the president’s brother, who has been convicted in New York federal court of drug trafficking. He has not been sentenced yet. Sunday, November 1, 2020 - The official statistics page hasn’t been updated.


The death toll from the adulterated alcohol has risen to 22. We have another hurricane bearing down on us. Tropical storm Eta will probable turn into a class 1 hurricane tomorrow. It is heading west towards the Mosquitia and will probably come ashore on Tuesday. Today we are feeling it: it is cool and rainy. The mobile hospital in Tegucigalpa still isn’t in service.

Keep safe and wash your hands,





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