teatro la fragua was founded in the city of Olanchito, Honduras: on July 19 1979, the first work opened in a small adobe building converted into a simple theatre with a capacity of some 80 spectators. Since that time the teatro has continued working uninterruptedly in the effort to contribute to the development of a Honduran and Central American

"Art and religion spring from the same human roots," says the founder of teatro la fragua, Fr. Jack Warner sj. "They spring from our need to be in touch with something beyond the littleness we feel as human beings."

teatro la fragua has continually given workshops for the formation of actors and the mounting of simple scenic pieces in all parts of the country, as well as in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba y Belize. These workshops have been especially directed to the marginalized and dispossessed sectors of the society, both rural and urban. They are a special emphasis of the teatro, which has defined its basic mission:

To awaken the creativity of the pueblo by means of the theatre, so the people find their own solutions for their present predicament. The theatre thus becomes an educational alternative which can express to the same people and to the world the richness, the beauty and the power of Honduran and Central American values. This is an especially urgent task at this historical moment characterized by the phenomenon of economic and cultural globalization which marginalizes and excludes those cultures which are considered "inferior".

The company has realized various tours beyond the limits of Central America: to México, Colombia, the United States and Spain. And the work of teatro la fragua continues to reach a world-wide audience by means of the film ¡Teatro!, made for U.S. Public Television in 1989.

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The first months of the year are dedicated to prepair one of the traditional projects in teatro la fragua, "El Asesinato de Jesús" is a show that dates since 1984 with the first dramatizations of the biblical text in the company.

The events narrated in this theatrical piece continue happen even after 2,000 years of Jesus in history, and it is through this news that aims to contribute to the commitment of human and Christian values in each celebration of Semana santa.

teatro la fragua opened La Escuela de Ballet to train dancers in places where ballet and dance do not exist as a necessary complement in the formation and education of students.

  • Class schedule Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in teatro la fragua
  • Admission for boys and girls over 4 years.

Every year during the months of July and August, all the weekends artists of huge experience, offering a menu of varied shows to the public. The writer Helen Umaña has called to this "The most important cultural event on the north coast." .

It is a space reserved for artists of recent history, but with great potential for the cultural future of Honduras. Also contributing to the mission of teatro la fragua.

Navidad Nuestra is one of the most successful works of la fragua, inspired in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. The work forms part of the project ĄEl Evangelio en Vivo!, a trilogy of Biblical theatre which includes El asesinato de Jesús and La vida pública de Jesús (still incomplete). Christmas has been one of the most important traditions of Christian culture, the season which announces the birth of hope and freedom for humanity. teatro la fragua has created a very Honduran interpretation of the birth of Christ, following in the tradition begun by Padre José Trinidad Reyes in the XIX century: his pastorelas are considered the font of a Honduran theatrical tradition.

Calendar 2020


"Inicio de matrícula"Esc.de Ballet la fragua

Fecha: 03/01/20

Lugar: teatro la fragua

"Epitafio en Concierto"Banda Epitafio

Fecha: 28/02/20

Lugar: teatro la fragua - 7:00 p.m.

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