tlf news Vol. xiv #2 July, 1993

IV Season of Artistic Expression

teatro la fragua is proud to announce this year's season in our home theatre in Progreso. The season is a project we have been plugging away at for the last few years. For the months of July and August, we have a different show on the boards every weekend, some of them ours, some of them other groups' which we bring in.

The season is a project with a number of aims. On the one hand, it aims to provide a showcase for our own work and for other Honduran and Central American groups. On the other hand, it is an attempt to develop a paying audience (and a base of economic support) here in Progreso. And of course it principally aims at serving our audience by bringing them the best of regional expression at an affordable price.

The season opens July 2 with a new show of teatro la fragua that will run two weekends. Last year the Ministry of Foreign Relations comissioned a historical work to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Francisco Morazán, Honduras' national hero. A first form of ALTA ES LA NOCHE opened in the National Theatre in Tegucigalpa on 17 September, 1992. We put the piece back into rehearsal in the first months of this year; on June 9 we opened the revised version, which we performed for high school groups during June.

ALTA ES LA NOCHE tells the story of Cipriano and Doroteo Cano, who on 4 April 1843 were executed in the central plaza of the town of Ilamatepeque (today known as Ilama) in the department of Santa Bárbara. They were accused of practising magic and of dealing with the devil.

The Cano brothers were soldiers of General Francisco Morazán, the Central American equivalent of Simón Bolívar or George Washington. Morazán was shot by a firing squad in San José, Costa Rica, September 15, 1842 and the Cano brothers returned to their native town, Ilamatepeque. They discovered a town sunk in ignorance and superstition, whose authorities were partisans of the enemies of Morazán: Francisco Ferrera (at that moment president of Honduras) and Rafael Carrera (the Guatemalan general who fought against Morazán for a score of years).

The Cano brothers were not content with the situation in Ilamatepeque. They tried to put into practise the knowlege they had acquired during their journeys with Morazán: among their crimes was that of proposing a literacy program for the town.

The next weekend, July 16-17, will showcase Grupo Rascaniguas from the capital, Tegucigalpa, performing a two-character work by a Venezuelan play-wright, Rodolfo Santana: The Company Forgives a Moment of Craziness.

Then teatro la fragua returns to the boards with an evening of five short pieces which we are calling DREAMS AND REALITY. The evening opens and closes with the two pieces created by Anita González (who chronicled her reactions to the experience in tlf news/noticias tlf of March '93).

The curtain-raiser, "The New Dream", is a dance/theatre piece that "is a work about flying, dreaming, wishing"; it's like a live-action video that tries to express the desires and wishes of the people. Anita's other work, THE WARRIORS, is a simple half-hour musical about war and peace. These dance/theatre works will frame two pieces mounted by the new group of tlf apprentices. The centerpiece of the evening goes to tlf veteran Guillermo A. Fernández: his first attempt at Chekhov's classic monologue "On the Dangers of Tobacco".

The last weekend in July will spotlight THE ART OF THE MIME, and the month of August will highlight music and dance. The dancers of teatro la fragua will join forces with VIDAS COLECTIVAS, a dance group made up of students at the Jesuit-run Central American University (UCA) in San Salvador. They will be followed by Guillermo Anderson & Colectivartes, a Honduran music group who have participated in all the seasons from the beginning

Any of you who are travelling this way in the months of July and August should be sure to plan a stop in El Progreso on a weekend. Whether or not you can manage that, we desperately need your economic support: ticket sales and local donations are not going badly, but we have received totally negative responses from potential big local corporate sponsors (such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and the banana companies). So once again we are turning to our international supporters to help us pull this off. Invest in the cultural future of America by purchasing your international season ticket at whatever price you can afford .

--Jack Warner

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