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Vol. xxxii #2

December, 2011

A Fire that Ignites other Fires

Throughout the history of teatro la fragua workshops directed to youth have been a central pillar of our work. These have taken us to every corner of the country and to neighboring countries. In all these experiences we have noted serious changes in the boys and girls who participate; not only a physical change, but a change of aptitude and attitude towards the scenic arts as a strategy to integrate and develop a critical mind. A few months ago the theatre group of the Jesuit high school in Guatemala City, the Liceo Javier, visited us for a week-long workshop. Their voices draw a portrait of why it is we continue working...

I would like to begin by thanking you all for instructing us and sharing your skills with us. I am fascinated with the workshop; it surpassed my expectations and it helped me to grow as an actress and as a person. It touched me and made me remember how much I love acting and how it is that I continually grow to love it more. I loved the ballet exercises and the acrobatics seemed to me very creative. I feel that I learned to control my imagination and my body. The whole week of the workshop taught me how to handle the pressure of acting. I liked the way we worked as a group and how the instructors insisted we push further even when we felt we were at our physical limit. It was really worth it. I saw clearly the professionalism of all of you; I am looking forward to being able to return to Honduras. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you taught us!!! I take back to Guatemala beautiful experiences and a great methodology and some great training. I'll always remember this.

Flor Alvarado

This workshop has been the greatest. It changed my perspective as to what theatre is. In every one of the members of la fragua you can feel the passion and the art of theatre. The theatre that you practice is a combination of physical elements which captivate the spectator immediately; mixed in with discipline, concentration, commitment, and energy - all that creates this spark which is contagious. Thank you for your effort, patience and dedication.

German Antonio Oliva Muralles

Today marks the culmination of a great experience; I learned to live in harmony with others, not to let myself be defeated. Everything you taught us is a great help and such experiences are worth re-living. I know that I will return if I don't get lost on the way; be assured that every word was worth while. You have given us a manual with the first two pages full up. It's up to me to continue writing it. I would have liked it to go on, but be assured that you covered all that you wanted to do and more. Thank you and may God bless you. And thank you for the confidence and all you did to support us.

Fabiola Santos

In my opinion the theatre workshop taught by the artistic group la fragua gives us a clear vision of what it is to be an actor, seen from various perspectives, from the creation of a character to the group staging of a play. I learned values as much as I learned theatre. The workshop taught me to value the characteristic principles of the actor: responsibility, commitment, enthusiasm, discovery, etc. I also learned about the rhythm of theatre in its staging and in the flow that staging has to maintain. Not to mention all the exercises and complementary activities: ballet, acrobatics, etc., which are equally important on stage. The work I did grew, or rather caused a special love for this sublime art to grow in me.

Miguel Alejandro Fuentes Sandoval

The theatre workshop was a very enriching experience for me as an actress and as a person. I especially liked the classes in ballet and acrobatics as well as the directly theatrical activities, and it will surely help my self-assurance on stage. It was especially good that the activities were planned according to the necessities of our group. From the bottom of my heart, many thanks for your patience and your time. I hope to be able someday to see you sitting in the audience watching us, and knowing that you are proud of us. I hope to follow your example of integral persons with high values: I know that your work is helping to construct the kingdom of God by forming agents of change for our society.

Nydia Fuentes

Teatro Javier returns tomorrow to Guatemala with the ample wealth of this process of actor training, which has marked us like a profoundly human footprint. The time shared with teatro la fragua will leave its mark on our lives; and so beyond a mere thanks, we want to ask you for time. Time to return to our country and put into practice all that you have taught us, and from there to return to Honduras with a new play which sums up these 10 years of love for this art and these learning experiences. Our goal continues with la fragua as our point of reference. We will continue to practice the Magis which you pursue daily; we hope to ignite a flame of unity and peace in the midst of so much violence. To be the voice of those who do not have a voice; our commitment is to be the flame that will fill our service. A thousand thanks for giving us this example. It has been genial to learn and to overcome our errors, and though the road ahead is a long one, we carry with us that "Yes, we can" which you have taught us.

Luis Pedro Paz

I want to start by thanking "los fraguas" for their hospitality, support and for sharing their knowledge and skills with us. This workshop was very useful and very productive for me, and it left me wanting more. I want to better myself as a person and as an actress. All that I have learned I am carrying back with me with much affection so that I can share and express it with my people of Guatemala. I promise that I will not disappoint you; I am going to continue to put into practice all that I have learned and lived.

Know well, fraguas, that in Guatemala 14 hearts are waiting for you with their arms open so that we can continue to learn and share. For me, now, a theatre group is commitment, discipline, concentration, tolerance, respect, imagination, humility, honesty. And all of that I learned in this week with you. But this will not remain in the realm of words; it will become actions that are converted into habits and life routines.

Jenifer Muralles M.

"I am a professional actor, and a good one at that...." Such was my thought before I began this workshop. Now that I have finished the workshop, it makes me laugh to think how ridiculously wrong I was. Because once I saw the quality of the people imparting the workshop; once I saw their discipline and their professionalism; and above all their excellence as actors and actresses, I then saw that I have an extremely long road ahead of me. But this workshop gave me the best possible push to be able to start the journey. The theatrical exercises, the plays, the ballet and acrobatics, but above all the values that I have learned, have built within me the foundation on which to build my dream: to become an excellent actor, part of an excellent theatrical company. Many thanks.

Luis Pedro Martínez

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