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Vol. xxxvi # 2

Decembre 2015


The end of the year smacks of shopping, congratulations, and cards
full of resolutions of renewal;
but I know there is another world
begging for life from every crib,
so I'll devote myself to making a song.

People wear harmony,
everything seems astoundingly
related to celebrating.
Some fete their millions,
others a clean shirt
and many don't know what giving is.

My song is not a thing of the sky
or the stars or the moon,
for I hand it over to you
who have none.

My song is not only
for someone who can hear it;
sometimes the deaf person
has more capacity to love it.

To have is not a proof of malice
nor is to have not
a sign of virtue;
but the person who's together
doesn't have to sacrifice his soul
to reach for his dreams.

So I sing to one who doesn't hear,
to one they don't let hear me,
to one who's never heard me;
to one whose daily struggle
gives me a reason to love:
to the one to whom no one has sung.


- - Silvio Rodríguez  

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